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תחרות הנבל הבינלאומית בישראל

אודות תחרות הנבל הבינלאומית בישראל

The International Harp Contest in Israel was founded by the late A.Z. Propes as part of Israel’s Tenth Anniversary festivities and was held for the first time in Israel in 1959. From its very beginning it proved a resounding success in the musical world and was acclaimed with special enthusiasm by the harp family for whom it was a real godsend.

Since then, every three years, an International Harp Contest is held in Israel and harpists and harp lovers, from humble contestants out to prove their worth up to the most outstanding celebrities in this perhaps somewhat esoteric art reserved to dedicated few, make the pilgrimage to Israel to attend this unique event.

לוגו תחרות הנבל הבינלאומית בישראל

מלגת צפונות תרבות

Zefunot Culture commissioned an original composition for the Contest.

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