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ולדימיר טורצ'ינסקי



Vladimir Torchinsky was born in Moscow in 1968. At the age of 7 he began playing the violin and by the age of 8 he undertook his second instrument: the piano.


Between 1983-1987 he studied at the Gnesin Music College where he graduated in both Violin and Piano studies. On completing his military service (1987-1989), he was employed at the Moscow State Theatre of Variety Art as a pianist and musical arranger. During that time he also played in the opera – Theatre Orchestra of Moscow.


He immigrated to Israel in 1991 and between 1992-1994, he studied composition at the Tel-Aviv Rubin Academy. Among his teachers were Prof. I. Sadai and Prof. A. Mayani.


Vladimir's compositions are regularly performed and broadcasted in Israel and abroad (Russia, Germany, Hungary).


His composition style encompasses a broad spectrum of genres: he works within realms of New Age, in a minimalist technique with elements of free jazz and trends of improvisation.


His compositions, (more than 50 in number) are written for piano, piano and voice, string quartet, orchestra, choir, chamber ensembles.

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