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רן שבי

אמן רב תחומי

רן שבי


Multidisciplinary artist focusing on painting, photography, music and songwriting, currently located in Berlin. Participating in the Studio program of the Berlin Art Institute.

Expression in different media allows him to deal with widely ranging subjects like visual and lyrical representations of biochemical states of consciousness on the one hand and political issues touching the concept of nation, history and social construction on the other.

Has vastly collaborated with the Zefunot Culture NPO both in the arts and music.


2015 Berlin Art Institute

2009 Minshar for Art, Photography studies

1999 High School, Major in Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2012 "Reside residue" (photography), Florentine 10 Window Gallery

"Spanish Nocturne" (photography), Florentine 10 Window Gallery

2011 "Remains of Hudna" (photography), Givatayim Theatre

2007 "Remains of Hudna" (photography), Palookaville Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2000 Painting exhibition, Noga Theatre, Tel Aviv

1999 "Try Again" (painting), The Artists Residence, Herzeliya

Group Exhibitions

2015 "I Live in the East but my Heart is in the West" (photography)

“Come all you young men”, Gallery Pasinger Fabrik, Munich

2012 "Remains of Hhoodna" (photography) Contemporary art space, Glob's desk

"Lethal Lesbian" Film Festival (photography), ZOA Gallery, Tel Aviv

"Cognifications" (painting), ZOA Gallery, Tel Aviv

"An angle on Israeli Photography" (photography), French House, Yakum

"Trans/mission", Kassel City of Documenta, Kassel, Germany

"Art Plates London", Hundred Years Gallery, London, England

Tel Aviv Photo Art Fare, Hangar 2, Tel Aviv Jaffa

"Center and Periphery", The French Institute, Nazereth

2011 "Beyond the Wall", Mémoire De l’Avenir Gallery, Paris, France

2009 Fashion and Styling exhibition (photography), Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv

2007 ArtHoles, Melbourne, Australia

696 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


2012 Music for the film "Artist in the Negev", Epos Festival, Tel Aviv Art Museum

CD: "The Written Occurance" (Alternative rock) - in progress

2006 CD: "The Ghost of Abbey" (instrumental)

2005 Music production and recording of Pianist Michael Zertsekel's CD

רן שבי, אמן רב-תחומי | צפונות תרבות

מלגת צפונות תרבות

Zefunot Culture initiated and produced an exhibition of Ran’s works as well as his first CD.

  • רן שבי, אמן רב-תחומי | צפונות תרבות
  • רן שבי, אמן רב-תחומי | צפונות תרבות
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