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עדי נויהאוס



Born in 1996 in Israel, Adi Neuhaus is a student at the Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, class of Lea Agmon. Mrs. and Mr. Sagie sponsor his education.

Descendent of the legendary Heinrich and Stanislav Neuhaus, Adi began his musical education with his parents Irina and Heinrich.

Adi Neuhaus’s performance venues include the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Tbilisi State Conservatory, and US appearances in Providence, New York, Houston, Miami and Chicago.


In Israel he performed at the Henry Crown Symphony Hall, Brigham Young University, Eden-Tamir Center, the Springer Auditorium, Haifa Auditorium, and the Tel-Aviv Museum.


Adi participated in International Festivals such as Verbier Academy and "Les Sommets du Classique" (Switzerland); Telavi (Georgia), Vladimir Nielsen (USA), and Perugia (Italy). He appeared as soloist with orchestras such as “Cantus Firmus”, Moscow, Tbilisi Symphony, the Georgian National Philharmonic, and the symphony orchestras of Ashdod and Jerusalem. Adi’s upcoming engagements include a recital at the Louvre Auditorium.

A first-prize winner at the “Piano Forever” Competition (Ashdod, 2013), the Voice of Music “Young Artists Competition” (Jerusalem, 2012), and the International Scriabin Competition (Moscow, 2008), Adi is a recipient of AICF Scholarships as well as Mushkin and “Zefunot Culture” Prizes.

עדי נויהאוס, פסנתר | צפונות תרבות

מלגת צפונות תרבות

Zefunot Culture awarded Adi a scholarship for studies abroad in 2012. He was the winner of the Ashdod competition Piano Forever for young Israeli pianists in 2011.

  • עדי נויהאוס, פסנתר | צפונות תרבות
  • עדי נויהאוס, פסנתר | צפונות תרבות
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