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איתמר פרג



Itamar Prag was born in 1994, the student of Hanna Shalgi, Assaf Zohar, Vadim Monastyrsky and Daria Monastyrsky.


Itamar graduated from the Thelma Yellin School of Arts, studied for a year at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and recently finished his service at the IDF as an excelled musician.

Itamar has won many prizes at international competitions, such as the Pnina Salzman Competition and the 18th International Competition for Chamber Music in France.


He participated in music festivals across the U.S. and in Luxembourg, and played in master classes under the care of Richard Good, Arie Verdi, John Perry and others.

Itamar has performed as a soloist with many symphonic orchestras.


He is a recipient of the American-Israel Culture Foundation scholarship since 2006.

איתמר פרג, פסנתר | צפונות תרבות

מלגת צפונות תרבות

Zefunot Culture Itamar an Award of Excellence in addition to the prizes he received on winning the Piano Forever Competition for Young Artists in Ashdod 2012, where he gained first prize in the age category 19-28.

  • איתמר פרג, פסנתר | צפונות תרבות
  • איתמר פרג, פסנתר | צפונות תרבות
  • איתמר פרג, פסנתר | צפונות תרבות
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